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The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth Speaker,Portable Speakers for Home/Outdoor/Travel,Rechargeable,Compatible with iPhone Samsung (Black)

(100 customer reviews)


SKU: B07NXXT1X2 Category:
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Bluetooth, USB
Speaker TypeOutdoor
Recommended Uses For ProductFor Smartphones or Tablets
Special FeatureSplash resistant.Portable

1.4 x 1.4 x 0.99 inches





100 reviews for The Smallest Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Momoho BTS0011 Wireless Small Bluetooth Speaker,Portable Speakers for Home/Outdoor/Travel,Rechargeable,Compatible with iPhone Samsung (Black)

  1. Itsraineeee (verified owner)

    It’s a great mini speaker! I wasn’t expecting the volume capability. The ONLY thing I don’t like is the voice at the beginning, when I turn it on. It’s annoying and unnecessary, other than that it’s a great little speaker.

  2. Krissy’s Book Addiction (verified owner)

    The battery life is extremely short. Mine lasts about 30 minutes at 3/4 volume before it starts beeping. Then it’s dead about 10 minutes later. Speaker is great for portability and is surprisingly loud,but battery life is terrible.

  3. AJ (verified owner)

    Its so nice I got another one!!! And its loud for it to be so little.

  4. Chef Excellence (verified owner)

    I really like this speaker. the speaker is loud and I mean really loud for its size. I use it to listen to my music in a walk in cooler. the cooler has a loud fan in it and I can hear my music very loud and clear over the fan. the battery lasts around two hours on max volume.

  5. Veronica (verified owner)

    It’s very cut. Easy to connect. Light weight, sounds good .you can put that in your phone also as a speaker . The battery its doesn’t last long .only 30 minutes its die quickly.

  6. Abitshort (verified owner)

    Well priced for what it is. Sound quality is pretty low once it gets louder than my phone normally gets. Works for music for getting ready in hotel rooms when I travel.

  7. Karissa Angelina (verified owner)

    worst speaker ever, it doesn’t even work

  8. Creating Everyday (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest – I wasn’t sure how this was going to go but wanted something really small and portable to use while waiting for my kids at various sports practices and activities. It was SUPER easy to pair and has way more sound than I expected. Both of my kids love to take it and use it with their devices so it’s an easy win for Santa to bring a few more this year!

  9. Jabin (verified owner)

    Blew it in two weeks. Now the sound quality is terrible. Was loud before.

  10. Natalia (verified owner)

    battery life did not meant my standards it would die really fast
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    battery life

    By Natalia on September 20, 2019
    battery life did not meant my standards it would die really fast

  11. S Stubbs (verified owner)

    I’m impressed. So tiny and yet the sound is great. I’ve been listening to familiar tracks and hearing some of the subtle sounds I never heard before. The level of sound is comfortable for personal or small group use – surprisingly loud for such a small speaker – I can’t believe that is weighs only 3/4 ounce! I plan to by a few more for gifts and may try 2 at once for a stereo-like sound.

  12. Colin Mahon (verified owner)

    by no means is this top of the line sound quality but it sounds pretty good and is so convenient to transport

  13. Alan (verified owner)

    It is indeed very small, wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be but… but the battery life is extremely short. Maybe an hour before it’s dead.

  14. Alan (verified owner)

    Pretty cool and funny because it’s an Asian with broken English who talks to pair the device‚😂

  15. Jordan (verified owner)

    This little speaker works amazing well for its size. It had a partial charge from the factory and linked right up to my phone via Bluetooth. I used it for our Halloween display this year. I would definitely recommend it.

  16. OX_Bigly (verified owner)

    I got this in order to add it to my Spirit Halloween Fallout Pip-Boyin order to play the game’s soundtrack through it.

    The voice has a french accent for some reason

  17. Mocha (verified owner)


  18. Mcar (verified owner)

    This is a great speaker. The only disadvantage is its battery life. I would still recommend this though if you want a small speaker

  19. Amy2018 (verified owner)

    This thing is quite tiny but very loud. The sound quality is fantastic. Crystal clear. Very pleased!
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Little bitty but don’t let that fool you.

    By Amy2018 on December 9, 2019
    This thing is quite tiny but very loud. The sound quality is fantastic. Crystal clear. Very pleased!

  20. Ray Jack (verified owner)

    The one thing I found a little bit different was the Chinese flavored English announcement when connection is made. Otherwise a nice little unit that’s connects easy to my android phone.

  21. Gustavo J Arias (verified owner)

    Suena casi lo mismo que el propio celular, pero lo que mГЎs me decepcionГі fue el tiempo que dura la carga de la baterГ­a.

  22. ryan henson (verified owner)

    Bought this for a classroom door decoration contest. Had the North Pole music server cranking tunes. Used the speaker to play from my phone. It was better than expected. The battery lasted longer than advertised- 3 1/2 hours of continuous play. It does distort a bit at higher volume, but loud enough and for the size. Its tiny! Putting it on my keychain to always have a speaker for tunes. A great buy!
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Should call it the Mighty Mini! Great speaker!

    By ryan henson on December 18, 2019
    Bought this for a classroom door decoration contest. Had the North Pole music server cranking tunes. Used the speaker to play from my phone. It was better than expected. The battery lasted longer than advertised- 3 1/2 hours of continuous play. It does distort a bit at higher volume, but loud enough and for the size. Its tiny! Putting it on my keychain to always have a speaker for tunes. A great buy!

  23. Rusbel (verified owner)

    Battery isn’t that great. But what do you expect. It’s really small.

    I bought 2 and change them out through the day. Use my portable charger to revive one while I use the other.
    I work construction and just place in in my hard hat. Fits good. Don’t feel the weight. No one knows you are listening to music if you keep it at a good low sound level.

  24. MidnighteyeGoku (verified owner)

    This was our 2nd BEST tech purchase of the Year!! This speaker has very Impressive battery life! I was looping a YouTube video on it, for about 6 hours straight. The sound is pretty good for $10, and it’s Super lightweight! I used the speaker to play sound effects for a 3D printed model I created. Great little piece of tech and a Great Bargain!

  25. gadgetnut (verified owner)

    This speaker is the tiniest one I have ever bought. Bluetooth connection was snappy the first time. When I tried again (the next day), it got connected to my bluetooth device but no sound. Tried several devices to test it but the same results. Cute this may be but if it doesn’t work, what’s the point? Returning it.

    PS: Originally I had given it a good review based upon my first time experience but I have changed my rating.

  26. Linda Z (verified owner)

    Very cute and tiny; goes anywhere. Don’t expect much more sound out of it than your phone’s speakers already produce, though. Really nothing in the way of bass. I use it on my desk in my office where it’s 3 feet away from my ears.
    The Chinese-accented voice telling you it’s ready to pair is very loud and almost incomprehensible but it is amusing.

  27. Kayle R Gatz (verified owner)

    Love this little Bluetooth speaker works perfect

  28. michael costello (verified owner)

    This Lil speaker is the best! Easy to connect and goes anywhere I’ve been using it in a refrigerated room from time to time and it is noisy in that room with the big fans going but with my Lil speaker im able to easily hear my music! On top of that the customer service from the company is hands down the best I’ve ever dealt with and im 50yrs old! The speaker was like only$10 but they treat you like you just spent $1000 . Thank you so much and I will be doing more business with you and will tell all my friends and co-workers!

  29. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Well I Received the package early but when i opened the box theres nothing on it NO Bluetooth speaker, Just the usb wire that comes with it, I WANT MY MONEY BACK or SEND ME ANOTHER ONE!!
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    It got here Early, BUT ITS EMPTY!!!

    By Amazon Customer on January 11, 2020
    Well I Received the package early but when i opened the box theres nothing on it NO Bluetooth speaker, Just the usb wire that comes with it, I WANT MY MONEY BACK or SEND ME ANOTHER ONE!!

  30. Nox (verified owner)

    I have to say this speaker is loud. I might have given 4/5 for the bass being not as good as expected but the volume and overall quality make up for what I see as a minor flaw. Range is pretty good as well. Would recommend 100%. 5/5.

  31. Lorraine e. (verified owner)

    These are good speakers for a small size. Very compact to put in pocket. Great for traveling

  32. barbara konefal (verified owner)

    This speaker works for 2 min and than shuts off after charging one hour. I tried few times, always stops working after few minutes.

  33. Ana S (verified owner)

    I didn’t know it would be so small but my nephew loved it after we stopped laughing so hard at how tiny it was it works great he hides it behind pillow to scare his sister he puts it everywhere including his pocket

  34. C. Lewis (verified owner)

    Great little speaker! The only drawback? The battery lasts only about two hours when it’s in constant use. Other than that, it is a very good Lois little speaker that can be hidden almost anywhere.

  35. Kayleen L (verified owner)

    Stopped working after less then a month. Googled and tried to fix it but it just unconnects whenever you connect it. Wouldn’t buy again.

  36. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Necesito el artГ­culo, me gusto al velo en la pГЎgina. Pero nunca lo recibГ­. Junto con otros dos que compre. Solo me los cobraron y nunca los recibo. Por lo tanto ni se como se escucha. Sorry

  37. Rodney C. Pelton (verified owner)

    I couldn’t hear the GPS in my golf cart while I was driving. I simply clipped this speaker to the ceiling next to my ear and it works perfectly. The battery lasts a long time and it connects flawlessly.

  38. MissT (verified owner)

    Great little speaker!
    Unbelievably loud, good quality from such a small device.
    Very annoying loud voice – every time you turn it on – saying the bluetooth device is connected successfully

  39. Joe (verified owner)

    Can’t get any smaller than this. Decent product and definitely a good value.

  40. joe (verified owner)

    If you’re listening to most music, it’s okay. However, don’t even try to listen to Audible, the amp turns off after every short pause, so if your reader isn’t eminem, buy another bluetooth box

  41. armad thomams (verified owner)

    I purchased this speaker to play a prank on a coworker. Its incredibly small, and produces a surprising amount of sound. The only problem I have is that when you turn it on there is a loud woman speaking to tell you that the blue to device is ready to be paired and then, when you do connect, she tells you the Bluetooth device is connected I think a few bloops and bleeps would be fine….she almost ruined the prank.

  42. C.A. Szarek (verified owner)

    This little speaker is just okay. I like it, but the sound quality isn’t awesome. I used it in the shower, so I can listen to audiobooks, and it’s not perfect, but it was inexpensive.

  43. daivd (verified owner)

    This is so small! Worked great form my scale rc crawler and is loud for its size.

  44. W. Roberts (verified owner)

    I took this speaker apart and used the electronics in a different project. It seems to work fine.

  45. Theresa T. (verified owner)

    Nice little speaker for the money, but has to be right next to the device in order to be connected by bluetooth. You cannot walk away or it will diconnect! I still use it because the sound quality is still better than the speaker on the phone. Very cute!

  46. Laci (verified owner)

    This little speaker is awesome! Works great for what I need it for! Now my daughter wants one. Get it, you will NOT be disappointed!!! For the money it’s a a brainer.

  47. Ryan H. (verified owner)

    This is a small, super cheap bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is better than expected but I would not use this in place of like a UE boom or beats pill. The first thing I noticed when I started using this product is the pairing process. When you turn the device on is says audibly in a very thick Chinese accent The bluetooth device is ready to pair. Once you pair it is says audibly in a very thick Chinese accent The device has paired successfully. My main purpose for this purchase (and I highly recommend everyone do this) is to hide on my coworkers desks and play sounds that they cannot control.

  48. kathy (verified owner)


  49. gabriel p gordon (verified owner)

    I bought six of these for my coworkers and I to place in our welding shields. We quickly stopped listening because of the horrible beeping sound that happens when the battery power drops below 20%.
    That is thirty minutes of play that is wasted because of the beeping.
    It is good sound, but it matters not when there is a threat of that beeping.
    I trashed mine so I will never hear it again.

  50. Sandy (verified owner)

    I like this. It worked great for what I intended. My problem was I paid for a new one and I received a used one. I was chatting with Amazon and they just stopped responding to me. Not happy I had to pay full price for a used dirty item.

  51. T. K. Eads (verified owner)

    Sounds okay with music but not for listening to spoken audio like an audio book. After a pause like the end of a sentence it won’t play the first word or two of the next sentence. Tested on iPhone and Surface, same problem.

  52. Theresa Stansbury (verified owner)

    My phone speaker is much louder than this poor excuse unless I have a defective one. I don’t want to waste my money to send it back.

  53. michael Labadie (verified owner)

    Very nice small but powerful bought to carry around to increase the sound of the motorola smart phone volume which is so low. The phone sound is i nrease better wish the enclosed black cord was longer.😁

  54. Grant Fields (verified owner)

    This tiny thing is very loud. Battery lasts a long time and it works great and connects to my phone easily. However couldn’t get it to work on my raspberry pi. It works off my phone and computer great though.

  55. Selenia (verified owner)

    For the size of the speaker it sounds loud, battery lasts for a while, easy to connect and install to the phone, very light, I had to buy two more, for my mother-in-law for work and my husband as well they loved it so I recommend it рџЊ рџЊ рџЊ рџЊ рџЊ .

  56. Proudofnick (verified owner)

    No bass to speak of. Better sound quality from my cellphone speaker.

  57. patrick (verified owner)

    Great Little Speaker!

  58. Jeff (verified owner)

    Sounds ok. Not the best or super load. Got for work to hang off my tool bag. My daughter was given a similar speaker that sounded amazing and this matched the design but not the same quality. Battery life is pretty short. Good for a couple songs and then back on charger. Don’t regret purchase but not exactly what was expecting.

  59. victorgc (verified owner)

    The sound and size are great for when I have something to do outdoors,,simple to carry in my pocket and not lose it.

  60. Caron619 (verified owner)

     The sound coming out from this little guy is pretty impressive .
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Impressive gadget

    By Caron619 on July 10, 2020
    The sound coming out from this little guy is pretty impressive .

  61. Joey Deeeee (verified owner)

    To be honest my iPhone 11 Pro is lighter than this speaker

  62. Amazon 66 (verified owner)

    I didn’t really try this unit, I turned it on and it sounded as if it was either Chinese instructions coming from the speaker or it was an Asian speaker who did not know English, but I put it right back in the box and sent it on its way back To Amazon.

    Too many products are written up to look extremely good, and they come from China With poor quality and in essence, or simply knock off’s a better made products.

    I hate sending back things to Amazon because I know it’s costly on both ends, but I think they need to scrutinize the vendors who sell or the buyers need to evaluate their products once they’ve selected them because of the quality, the website, and the actual product seems to be far apart from one another

  63. matt (verified owner)

    have had fun placing this speaker in my back pocket and using apps on my phone to make various noises if you know what i mean. I lost it in a recent move. I know ive packed it and hope to find it soon

  64. Kaitlin (verified owner)

    Great little speaker. Good battery life for its size (a full charge usually gets me about 4 hours into the work day) surprisingly good volume for its tiny size, Very sturdy too as mine has fallen out of my hardhat onto the floor many times and survived, although if you do drop it be prepared for it to roll away lmao. when i finally broke mine by accident i hurried to order a new one as i don’t think i could get through a day without it

  65. elaine (verified owner)

    Great sound

  66. MKG (verified owner)

    I bought this to use as a pillow speaker to listen to music or an audio book in the middle of the night without disturbing my spouse. While the low volume sound quality of ok, it’s completely unusable because when you turn it on there is a VERY LOUD VOICE declairing in a very heavy accent that Zee bluetoose divice is zready to pair shortly followed by Zee bluetoose divice is connected a zuckzesfully
    The volume of this can’t be adjusted,so there’s no way I can turn it on without waking up my dogs (who then bark because some stranger is in the bedroom with us) and stratling the h*** out of my spouse. I tried turning it on before we went to bed, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, the previously fully charged battery was very low.

    It’s ok for using on the patio, but thats not why I bought it … oh well

  67. john mchenry (verified owner)

    Fast and as advertised

  68. KC (verified owner)

    The sound quality for this tiny thing is unbelievable. I’ve only had it for a day so I can’t really give accurate info on battery life etc. I just hope it lasts and is not too good to be true. Stocking stuffers!!

  69. Haidee B Jenkins (verified owner)

    This little speaker has a lot of power i carry it on my key chain its really neat.

  70. Rosemarie (verified owner)

    This item doesn’t boom like it states and loudness is minimal!

  71. Sanner (verified owner)

    Volume doesn’t get very high and battery life is about 1 hr 45 min but otherwise it is a good little speaker for its size. I wear it on my name badge @work to listen to audiobooks so works for that purpose so it would be useful to have longer battery life.

  72. M. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I have this tiny speaker tied to my Fanny pack to use while running or hiking.
    It’s small BUT such an awesome sound quality. When I’m out people complement it a lot! Definitely recommend, the down side is the battery life sucks. If you use it in one use it will be good for like 3 hours or so. It doesn’t tell you when battery is low either so it dies in the middle of a run but like I mentioned over all is awesome!!!

  73. Yris K. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Amazing product…totally recommended it if you are looking for good quality sound but limited space. I used this in memory capsule connecting to phone play list. The only thing I wish it had a way of turning it on remotely or through Bluetooth

  74. James vines (verified owner)


  75. Budikka (verified owner)

    This is a good little speaker but the color depicted is inaccurate. It is a dark forest green — not an Apple green.

  76. Leo (verified owner)

    Wanted something really small and portable while at work. I didn’t expect much from this to be honest. But it was a nice surprise. A lot louder than I thought it would be. (Although at max levels, the sound gets a bit distorted) I’ve been using it for a while now but I usually have it plugged in. I can’t comment on battery life. Pairing it was a breeze although the A.I voice sounds really annoying lol. Also for the price, its not bad for how portable it is!

  77. Courtney A. (verified owner)

    This speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket and not notice it and loud for its size I’m happy with the item

  78. jeffry h domrese (verified owner)

    Sounds not great but its cheap

  79. Nor thau chua (verified owner)

    The sound is tiny but makes up by it’s portability

  80. luis a. barahona (verified owner)

    Work perfectly thanks

  81. Ray (verified owner)

    Great compact speaker, sounds pretty good for being so small. Definitely not Bose surround sound but for the price and size. It’s portable music small enough to be on a keychain.

  82. A regular dude and woman (verified owner)

    I bought this for my rc car…its great. Big sound for little speaker
    Great sound quality and value for your money

  83. Randall D Roberts (verified owner)

    Mounted this on a golf cart and has a unbelievable sound

  84. SirAlf Baez (verified owner)

    Great size poor sound
    Was a bit because it came smaller than expected but poor sounds not going to use it…!
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Poor sound good size

    By SirAlf Baez on May 26, 2021
    Great size poor sound
    Was a bit because it came smaller than expected but poor sounds not going to use it…!

  85. Jane (verified owner)

    This little speaker works great, is just what i needed, although will not use every day. The sound is excellent and i like the size.

  86. CGolson (verified owner)


  87. Rachel (verified owner)

    Amazing sound for such a tiny speaker! My only complaint is that it’s easily lost because it’s so small. You can take this just about anywhere and have amazing sound!

  88. RM Secor (verified owner)

    This is an awesome little Bluetooth speaker. Small form factor, yet sleek and pushes out excellent audio. Perfect companion for on the go!

  89. Peggy K. (verified owner)

    Ya cant beat it on the cost and its got decent volume and music sounds as it should

  90. Ken (verified owner)

    I use some duct tape to tape it inside my hard hat on the jobsite where earbuds are prohibited. its so small it fits between the shell and the webbing with plenty of room to spare. its loud enough to hear it in a moderately noisy construction site. only negative and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the battery will only last a couple hours at full volume. It is pretty awesome given its size though. as cool as it is, I need the batteries to last all day so I will probably diy something better.

  91. Charleen (verified owner)

    Understandably because it’s so small, sound is a bit muffled. It’s about the size of a golf ball.
    Not for a loud areas. More for solo listening.

  92. Miguel (verified owner)

    Not impressed. Not any better than my phone’s speaker. Might be good if your phone’s speaker is busted or you have a really old phone.

  93. Lifesavr (verified owner)

    I purchased the white color speaker. I like everything about it. I find it is simply nice to listen to my audio books. Music is good, but this is simply too small of a speaker to do any music justice, but it does as best as any other speaker of this size, in my opinion. Then the price was great, I bought it as a deal of the day, and in a day it was in my home. Can’t beat that.

  94. Carrie Ruiz (verified owner)

    I like how small it is, the description said USB, I thought as in USB memory card. There was no volume adjustment on unit.

  95. elaigne (verified owner)

    I wrote another review that this one supplants. i did not get help in pairing. it continued to give me an error message, but by continuing to try, it finally paired. The sound is not crystal clear, but better than the speaker on the tablet. i like the small footprint (size). For the price, it works.

  96. Kathryn A. McCallister (verified owner)

    Battery life is poor.
    Not that color matters, but color did not match the picture.
    Great size, wish the battery was better

  97. ch.k.s. (verified owner)


  98. Gino T. (verified owner)

    Waste of resources. Last about an hour the first time and then could not get past 30 minutes after that.

  99. Dinner (verified owner)

    Bought this to use with a versa 2 Fitbit watch that has no speaker. Put my own music on the Fitbit and paired with the speaker so I can listen to music when I walk. Don’t like ear pods all the time so this served the purpose. Can be really loud for it’s size so need to turn it down. I use it like a zipper pull on a coat.

  100. J. Magestro (verified owner)

    Small, lightweight and good sound. Good value

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Of course you sacrifice sound quality with size. They can only do so much, but it is good enough to hide it inside a hardhat and let it amplify the sound. Most jobs don't allow ear buds or radios, this has been a fine work around for several months now. I can hear it just fine without it being too loud so that others can hear it. The other good part is I can still hear conversations while I listen to my music.
  2. A I never tried however it’s a good speaker
  3. A I'm not sure about iPhone specifically but it connects wonderfully to my apple ipod.
  4. A Good for size
  5. A No lo recomiendo
  6. A Yes it can. As long as bluetooth is an option for the device you want to pair with it, then it will work
  7. A It’s loud. But not that loud
  8. A we just need to connect phone Bluetooth with this Bluetooth speaker and press the control button. Windows pc could not connect Bluetooth to do this.
  9. A you can turn off the voice by operating your phone voice volume or turn off the speaker
  10. A no
  11. A It should be compatible with an Apple watch. I haven't tried it, but it is a Bluetooth speaker that connects in a standard way to Bluetooth sources.
  12. A Pésima en ese aspecto, puedes usarlo 1 hora máximo 1.5 horas
  13. A There is no volume button from what I can see. You adjust from the device it is connected to like cell phone, iPad, etc.
  14. A I'm not sure about this speaker but as with most speakers when they are plugged in, I would think they would get the power source directly from the power adapter and bypassing / draining the battery. I had issues with mine the green color one is that the speaker could only be used with 1 phone device and I could not pair it to use with any other device. It is a good power volume for such a tiny speaker and I like that. I always plugged it in to the power adapter.
  15. A is not charged but as my memory serves me ,yes it does
  16. A it is loud enough for people within 50 meters to hear the sound clearly
  17. A I'm not sure about the weight, but it is very lite. I don't think it's over 1oz. I tried to weigh it on a kitchen scale and as far as I could tell it's not over an ounce.
  18. A No. Bluetooth only
  19. A May I suggest you restart the speaker and your audiobook to see how it works? If you fail to resolve this issue, you are advised to send email to seller on Amazon to ask seller to give you solution.
  20. A no. it is hard enough to protect itself.
  21. A just bluetooth speKER
  22. A what case do you mean? Momoho only sell this bluetooth speaker.
  23. A It’s blue tooth enabled. So it works with anything that has that capability.
  24. A You could put the volume down by adjusting it on your phone
  25. A I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that the wiring is not designed for use as headphones. Speaker quality, especially the frequency range, will not make for good headphones listening anyway.
  26. A it is compatible try resetting you're Network settings under generally settings all the way at the bottom of that list says reset click it and there third over downhill should say reset Network settings it will ask you fort your PIN then it will turn your phone off and would work just fine
  27. A Yes you can use it while charging. But if the battery is really drained, then you have to let it charge just a bit before it will work, only if the battery is severely drained.
  28. A Not suggested. Since bluetooth earpiece would affect sound quality.
  29. A Hi Customer,Thnak you for your question. This item is not waterproof. Our factory will consider producing waterproof bluetooth speaker in future according to customers'needs.If there is any other information you need to know or/and anything else we can do for you, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to assist you.Have a great day!MOMOHO Customer Support
  30. A Hi Customer,This item do not need pin to function. ''bts0011''is the model of this item. This item do not need to input keyboard either. Could you please kindly restart your computer to use this speaker and see how it works?If you would ever need our assistance, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to assist you.Have a nice day!MOMOHO Customer Support
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