Have you been in a relationship with someone who was obs essed with you? He or she may have exhibited intimacy disorders, which could signal either a love or sex addiction. There are many ways today to connect to your partner, both physically and digitally, however when done too much, these can lead to behavioral problems that could eventually result in trouble with the relationship.

Although this may sound like the perfect set-up for those who are looking for serious partners, it can actually be socially destructive and difficult to stop. The partner may even end up suffering from behavioral trauma. Some people experience shock upon discovering their significant other’s intimate secrets and mysterious personality. If you think you’re exhibiting symptoms of sex or love addiction, talk to your psychiatrist. There are ways to break patterns of addiction, and there are treatment centers for severe problems.

How Do You Differentiate Sex Addiction From Love Addiction?

A classic sex addict exhibits behavior that is close to that of love addicts but can easily be differentiated because of their responses toward activity of a sexual nature. They’re highly interested in the topics of sex, foreplay, or erotic media. A sex addict has compulsive behaviour towards pornography, masturbation, fetishes and progressive sexual activities. There can be several causes for this behavior, one being an escape from one’s day-to-day problems. There are also some people who prefer sex over intimacy and, in some degree, his or her partner can develop the same behavior. One of the major problems with this is that when there’s lack of sexual activity, sex addicts can become destructive and depressed.

On the other hand, love addicts are more intense in terms of their emotional attachment to another person. They’re obsessed with seeing the person they love, even though they’ve already broken up. When they are away from each other, they suffer such symptoms as restlessness, depression and desperation. Love addicts are also more inclined to be romantic than sexual. Intimacy to them is when they go out on dates, send flowers, mail love notes, drop cheesy lines, and partake in other romantic fantasies.

The problem with love addiction is that the person develops a high tolerance for bad relationships because of their obsession or “love” for the other person. He or she can be in denial when it comes to hurtful experiences. They also tend to make the relationship their life’s focus. A healthy partner knows the limits of a relationship, whether its healthy or not, and is still able to pursue other life goals.

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Traits And Effects Of Love And Sex Addiction

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