Monogamy, or a relationship with the same person, is not for everybody. Did you know that the human species is the only species to practise monogamy. It is by far more common to have several partners and some humans do seem to prefer that. I am not sure about you, but unless I had more than one partner in my life, I think that I would get bored. However that being said, I know a couple of girls at London escorts, who are really addicted to monogamy. Not sure any of the gents I date at cheap escorts in London are addicted to monogamy, but I can understand that.

I think the problem with me is that I love sex too much to be with one person all of the time. Sure, many London escorts say that sex with one person for the rest of your life is so much better, but I cannot really see that. Even before I joined cheap escorts in London, I was into having several partners on the go, and I don’t really think it is natural to have just one partner. Variety is after all a spice of life as they say.

Do I have both male and female partners? I love being with women as much as I like being with men, and I am happy indulge any suggestion of an exciting threesome. Of course, I may not look the type. Some of the guys I have met at London escorts are really surprised when I tell them I am into more than one partner. I love it, and one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend after a long week at London escorts, is to indulge my sexy fantasies with an exciting threesome.

If you are not into monogamy, and become bored with your sexual partner easily, you may want to consider swinging. It has surprised me that a lot of London escorts are not really into swinging. The girls I work with at London escorts totally get the concept of swinging, but they don’t want to indulge. I love swinging and if you check out the swinging scene in London, you will soon realise that it has become really refined in recent years. Swinging used to be something a little bit dirty which took places in run down village halls, but here in London, it has really gone upmarket.

Should you happen to think that monogamy is the most boring thing in the world, you may want to check out the free sex movement in London. When I really want to take some time out, and let my hair down after working hard at London escorts, I love to go to places like the Hellfire Club in London. It is not the only hot sex and fetish club in London, but they do run a lot of different parties. If you are a bit of a voyager, you are bound to be able to find a party to suit you at the Hellfire club. Single ladies can join, so if you are a single lady, you can still indulge your senses here in London.

One partner or two…
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