I know that I should not really interfere, but I think that my son is enjoying too much. He is actually¬†17 years old and I should not really worry about it I suppose, but I can’t not help it. I had him when I was 19 years old, and he is the only one that I have got. My sister who is a lot younger than I am and work for cheap London escorts, says that I worry about him too much. It is easy for her to say, but one day when she leaves cheap London escorts, she will find out what it is like. She may end up with a bunch of oversexed teenage boys herself.

The thing is, I am sure that my sister comes into contact with lots of people who have really high sex drives. Most of the girls at cheap London escorts do that, but I cannot remember having such a fantastic libido around the age of 17 years old. It could be that it is different with young men. Fortunately, my boy does not show any interest in London escorts, but he certainly has a lot of girlfriends. They all come around to his place, in other words my home, and they have sex after college. I am at work then so I cannot control it.

Do I feel bad about telling my son off? I do feel a bit. My sister has told me just to pick up the condoms that he leaves lying around and forget about. That is easy for her to say. But then again, I guess I should be grateful that he is using condoms. Many young men don’t do that. I did have a talk to him, and I know that my sister did as well. She is so much better talking about these things than I am and I think it comes from working for London escorts. After all, if cheap London escorts cannot talk about healthy sex, who can…

Perhaps this is something that my son is going to grow out of. I am worried that he is going to end up on the wrong side of life as I like to call him. The other day, he joked that the ideal job for him would be working for male London escorts. It was just a joke, but I don’t really want that. He is doing well at college, and I have saved up enough money for him to go to university as well. It could be that everything will come right in the end, and I am worrying about nothing. It is not easy to be a mom these days.

Most of the other moms that I know feel the same way. I can talk about these things with them, but I must admit that I am more comfortable discussing the topic with my sister and her friends at London escorts. They have all been really good back up and support for me bringing up a teenage boy. Like all other teenage boys, he has gone through certain stages and been interested in porn. I don’t blame him, porn is everywhere these days. We are all exposed to it, and I cannot help too feel that we are on porn over load. Perhaps this is why my son is over sexed.

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